32 thoughts on “Did I Learn Anything From Surviving the LAX Shootings?

  1. Wow, Orlando. That’s so scary; I had no idea you were present during all that mayhem. I think “just super happy not to be dead” is *exactly* the kind of takeaway an awesome person has after something that traumatizing. And like you said, even if it’s cheesy sounding, it does highlight what’s really important to you, right?

  2. Wow. I didn’t realize you were in LAX for that (obviously, since I only know you through your writing on the internet). That is so scary. I talk to people on the phone a lot for my job and when I ask “how are you today?” I get a similar response sometimes… something like “Happy I woke up this morning! It’s better than the alternative.” I used to think it was kind of cheesy, but it is so true. And I don’t know what they’ve been through in their lived. We could all take a moment to really appreciate what we have. Thanks for the post. Glad you are safe!

  3. I don’t know you, but I love reading your blog (I found you via Emily), and I’m glad your not dead too.

  4. Thank you for sharing this experience! I, too am very happy you made it out! I love your writing and I wish you the best!

  5. oh my goodness, how harrowing, glad you’re a fast runner and in one piece,
    I got so choked up reading your account,
    the link had poignant pictures of the aftermath, memorial to the TSA person shot, a beamy, smiling picture of him, I wonder if he ever imagined that it would be used for that purpose, poor man,
    the story said the shooter was bullied and isolated during 4 years of high school, not even 1 friend, witnesses said he looked confused, he probably couldn’t even believe what he was doing,
    I feel sad for him too,
    I try to have compassion for all of God’s creatures, but heaven help me if your comment about Sarah Palin didn’t make me snort at the picture you painted

  6. I always enjoy reading your entries, Orlando. Sometimes (like today) they make me cry – only because you write with so much feeling! I always end up smiling like a fool by the time I get to the end though – you have a wicked sense of humor, don’t ever lose that, no matter what life throws you. LAX – What a harrowing experience. I am glad you made it through. I hope you are okay after everything you have experienced. Here I was marking the day whining about being there a year to the day after leaving NY and the guy I loved so much, who would ultimately end up dumping me. (First world problems, yeah, I know). Stay safe! Kely x

  7. Wow!! I love reading your posts and ideas. I am so glad you shared your experience as terrifying as it was, I appreciate you. You really touched me with your thoughts and the part value your family, value yourself, etc. Those words are so simple, but deep. Things I have tried to teach my children, but you stated it so beautifully which I hope your don’t mind that I share them with them. You are valued:)

  8. that is messed up. i can’t even imagine what i would do in that situation but i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t be able to keep calm. i haven’t heard anyone else talk about it like this and it sounds fn terrifying. i’m glad you’re safe!

  9. Orlando,
    I am so glad you are safe, truly. This account shook me, I can’t imagine what you went through..and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the hurt and thoughtless people who’s actions put you in this position. Unfortunately, I am sure you will carry this experience with you. I really hope you can feel back to normal soon. Like a commenter remarked here, it shows in your beautiful face. There are so many people out in the world who care about you, like us your readers/supporters who don’t really know you..and you don’t know who we are…and still we care. My hope and prayer is that you really consider the real love and respect you have for yourself and others when you say, “Or kill myself and leave my dead body on Sarah Pailin’s doorstep, just so she has to deal with disposing of my body.” I know it was said in jest, after a very horrible experience… but how do we all recover from these tragic episodes in life and not wish something horrible on someone else? Doesn’t this type of thought go where the tragic shooter went? I am not saying you are like the shooter, and obviously you have a right mind…but is there a way we can perpetuate more peace in this world instead of talking violence in the face of violence? (BTW, I am not a Pailin supporter, never was, never will be). This is not meant as a judgement, only a call to my fellow humans out here that I want to live with peacefully. I respect your feelings.

  10. Orlando,

    I am so, so glad you are OK. In Australia, we hear of the (sadly seemingly constant) shootings happening in America and it’s so rare here, that they seem so abstract and foreign that I don’t think we understand how tragic and terrifying they really can be. Thanks for being so honest and sharing your experience. I think it’ll make everyone who reads this – all over the world – remember it’s not just “terrible-stuff-that-happens-somewhere-in-the-world”, it happens to real people, with real lives, and real families who’s lives would be destroyed if their loved ones died.

    My boyfriend and I both read it, then talked about it on the way to work today. It made us both reflect on our values, and reminded us to be grateful for what we have, because really, we might not be here tomorrow to enjoy it.


  11. Your writing is always so surreal. This entry, your home entry. Amazing. Glad you’re ok. You’re going to be a godfather soooooon.

  12. I’m happy you’re alive!!! I was completely surprised to catch up on your blog & find you were there! You did a great job talking about it without being to saccharine.

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