The Gorgesous Works of Ben & Aja Blanc


Dear Design Diary,

In the world of art, furniture, and objects that I often find myself exploring, it’s very rare to see something and go “GADZOOKS! Never seen one of them before!” But I exclaimed this very thing the first time I saw the beautiful work of Ben & Aja Blanc, who are known for their fancy-fringe mirrors but also create furniture and other home objects. Their work is whimsical and unique without being kooky and annoying, which is a difficult balance to strike. The couple, who met as grad students at RISD, have a clear talent for creating practical home decor items that feel like works of fine art.

Below are some of my favorite pieces from their portfolio.


Oh that I were this lady, tenderly stroking my hair as I contemplated the meaninglessness of life, the despair of loneliness, underneath the most gorgeous mirror on earth.


The mirrors are raised off the wall so that they create a beautiful shadow. The fringe brings some warmth, and also a sense of mystery. Basically, if Sia were a mirror, she’d be one of these strange, mysterious Ben & Aja mirrors.


Often, when I think about the things I regret about my life, what I regret most is that I’m not a model who just gets to hang around in bright rooms looking into art mirrors.

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Ben & Aja also design some beautiful lighting fixtures, such as this girl. She loves hanging out by herself, or in groups.


A fun fact about me is that I was born during a lunar eclipse. Like it was literally happening when I was coming into the world. This meant the growing up my mom always used to buy me moon stuff. And I’d get so mad. I have no idea why. I guess I just thought moons were lame because they were associated with me and I hated myself. But these days I love moons because I was brainwashed to and so things like this amazing Moon Light really rock my world. I should really be in therapy instead of writing this post right now.


Another fun fact about me is that I love pictures of people looking away from the camera. Not entirely sure why, I just find them mysterious and captivating. Like the moon.

I already bought a coffee table for my new apartment, Chateaulando, but I regret it now that I’m seeing this. It’s actually two pieces so you can arrange them however  you want. Literally millions of possibilities. If I had this my life would be way better.

I’m not really a crystal person (What is up with them? Stop waving that rock in my face!), so I’d use these marble pedestals to hold my pottery or my extensive collection of American Girl Dolls. Just kidding I don’t have a huge American Girl Doll collection. But I have always thought it would be funny/creepy to have my birthday party at one of their stores, like a tea party with grown ass adults in a store full of creepy dolls with dead eyes. Someday…


For more information about Ben & Aja Blanc, including how you can buy all the above pieces for me on my birthday (which is July 5th FYI), check out their website. And don’t let it get to you that literally all of these mirrors have better hair than you.


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  1. Thank you! You made me laugh when all I wanted to do was cry, scream, and quit my job. Now I can’t, because I remember I want to buy things. Like mirrors. Or food. And health insurance.

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