Dream Come True: New Hommemaker Editor is an Insanely Talented Ceramist!

Photography by Jess Diab


Dear Working Momz,

Between shuttling the kids I don’t have to nonexistent soccer practice, preparing an imagined dinner for the husband I don’t have, and balancing all that all with the actual job I actually have, I’ve been spread a little too thin to work as much on this site as I’d like. One of my favorite things about Homepolish is how engaging and exciting my job is. But the problem with something being engaging and exciting is that it doesn’t leave you much time to do other stuff. This is why I came to the conclusion recently that I needed some help keeping this blog running. So I interviewed about a million people to be my new blog assistant and Hommemaker editor. And this is how I met Jess Diab.

Jess is sort of a unicorn in that she’s both an incredible artist AND totally organized, smart, and amazing. I have the memory of a dead goldfish, so it was was imperative that I hire someone who would help me stay organized and on top of everything. So I basically hit the jackpot with Jess. I’m sure you didn’t come here to read about the inner HR workings of Hommemaker, so why don’t you stare at the incredible ceramic work of my new colleague homie.

placesettings1 copy

One of my fantasies is that all my dinnerware is handmade pottery, and every night I sit and caress that dinnerware instead of eating anything. And then I raise a toast to how wonderful pottery is. And then I look up and notice that all my guests are made of pottery.

overhead copy

All of these pieces are available on Jess’s site, The Honey Blues, btw, and make great birthday, half-birthday, quarter-birthday, and 1/12th birthday presents.


One refreshing element about Jess’ work is that she’s not afraid of color. Here dinnerware sets are available in lavender-pink…

The Honey Blues Pottery

…And aqua blue…

whiteplacesetting copy

…And in simple, classic ivory.


Vases this shape are actually perfect because they hold up flowers. Unlike vases with openings that are too big that let flowers flop all over the place like me at an abs class trying to keep up with all the people who have actual abs.

glazeday copy

I’m also a fan of how the pieces look before they’re fired, with their matte finish, tantalizing colors, and come-hither earthiness. Sup, Bowl?

Resources: Charcoal Napkins, Copper FlatwareStemmed Glassware, Brass Terrarium, Oval Wooden Serving Tray, Taper Candles.

jessfullprofwedge copy

Here’s Jess again in her studio (hopefully working on that full set of dinnerware I’m lusting after). You can see more of her work, as well as check out The Honey Blues Shop on her glamorous website.


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  1. LOL! At first I thought that you meant you remember a dead goldfish, which was your pet but then you killed it by forgetting to feed it due to your lack of organizational skillz.
    How exciting for both of you! Jess makes beautiful things- can’t wait to see what she does with your site!

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