Whitney Port Gets a New Screening Room

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt


Dear Readers,

PUT ON YOUR EATIN’ DRESS AND GET READY TO CHOW DOWN. Because the Homepolish project I just wrapped up with Whitney Port is finally online for you to peruse. No longer will you be forced to wonder how I transformed her screening room from┬ásad to glad in just seven minutes (jk it was a bit longer). Here’s a few preview pics of the space:

neustadt-32b neustadt-25 neustadt-31

And here’s Whitney being totally cute and being being a gross weirdo:


To see all the pics and get all the resources, check out my write up in Homepolish Magazine. And for an even more in-depth look at the eatin’ dress-buskin’ collab, check out the interview with Whitney.

But hurry! It’s Friday and there’s only like five hours before everyone around you turns into a drunken mess.


Full Write Up on Homepolish >>>

Interview With Whitney >>>

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  1. This is so darn beautiful! The color is perfect, that credenza, the choice of art. I love it all. But, I was here trying to look at your one room challenge week 1, what is going on with that>>> ­čÖé Pressure is ON. Good luck!

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