D.I.Why? How To Make A Giant Paint-By-Numbers

Photographs by Sean Gin 

Dear Reader,

Are you curious how I made this giant painting?


And then stuck it in my normal-size bedroom?


Read the full story on Refinery29! More shots of the finished bedroom next week!


Miss the refinery link before? It’s RIGHT HERE!

10 thoughts on “D.I.Why? How To Make A Giant Paint-By-Numbers

  1. Gorgeous–thanks for sharing how you did it, Orlando! Any ideas about where I might find an opaque projector? Thank you!

    1. Just found out where to find a projector: Alisa left a link in the comments section of the article!

  2. That’s really beautiful! Could you upload a photo of the original painting too? I’d love to see what you used as a source for that great piece of art.

  3. I’ve got to paint the Space Needle in house somewhere. Also, I strongly believe the US National Parks should offer a series of paint-by-numbers.

  4. Hi Orlando, I really love your painting. I have been looking for something similar for a really long time. And I want to paint one for my living room. Do you mind sharing the original picture to help my project? Thanks!

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