Whatever You Did in Palm Springs Last Weekend Robert Smith & His Friends Did It Better

Dear Robert Smith,

I saw the above image on my friend Jeffery’s Facebook and I just had to see more. Apparently you shot an awesome series of masked portraits in Palm Springs a few weeks back and I’m just loving the results. I’m not going to blabber too much about these images, I think they speak for themselves, but I’m glad you made them. Enjoy!



PS: A mini artist’s statement, from Robert Smith
“My interest in shooting masked portraits began after a weekend marathon of watching the 90’s TV show Twin Peaks. That crazy town is filled with loads of darkness and mystery. The idea of hiding, or holding back a person’s identity appeals to me. You need a new set of cues to interpret what you’re seeing, of who you’re seeing. Nothing is as it seems. I hope each photo writes its own story.”