Where’s My Wallet?

Dear Diary,

I lost my wallet last weekend, which was totally annoying and devastating. Not really, but it did get me thinking about wallets. Because as much as I miss my California drivers license and the five different business/personal credit cards, I also miss my Salvatore Ferragamo wallet, a gift I got from a friend a few years ago. They don’t make the particular credit card sleeve I had anymore, so it’s time to move on. Wallets, like watches, eyewear, phones and other items you use every day are the one place I feel comfortable splurging. I believe that if you use something all the time you should invest in something you love, because you have to look at it multiple times a day and the potential for joy is multiplied if you have something that truly excites you. Thus, don’t be offended that many of these picks are fancy. It’s just because this is one item I think it’s necessary to spend a little extra time and/or money investing in. Here are options I’m considering to replace my beloved Ferragamo wallet:


Smythson, $210

Nothing too exciting here but classic, which I love.


Santiago Gonzales, $220

I love this color of blue. But the crocodile skin… Too much or just enough?



Salvatore Ferragamo, $250

This one is kinda sassy. But is it too sassy?


Lanvin, $195

Simple, basic, no-nonsense.


Bettanin & Venturi, $125

Love this color. And the washed out look.


Salvatore Ferragamo, $180

Another classic wallet that wont distract him from your beautiful eyes.


Smythson, $185

A basic option. Simple is best.


Gucci, $165

The Gucci logo seems a little ostentatious, but that gold/navy combo sure is delightful.


Smythson, $220

Hey brown leather.


Wincer and Platt, $150

I love this red wallet. It’s like the wallet from the future.


Tods, $125

Is red too feminine for a guy? Or is it a hot color to carry around? I’m undecided.


Valextra, $380

Same goes for yellow? Too ladylike? Or just perfect?


Herschel Supply Co, $19

Finally, a more affordable, yet still awesome option.

Most of these options were chosen for their simplicity and thinness (I believe this is the same criteria used in choosing contestants on ‘The Bachelor’). No one wants to carry around a huge honkin wallet. It makes you look like you’re walking around with a vintage Gameboy or a small box of cereal in your pocket. And then everyone will laugh at you. And then you will die alone, clutching your oversized wallet, sweating profusely. Don’t let that be you.


13 thoughts on “Where’s My Wallet?

  1. I will refrain from making the obvious comment that if I spent $200.00 on a wallet I’d have nothing left to put into it.

  2. Definitely the Ferragamo Bicolor Flat Card Case and the Herschel wallet. Both are stylish. One dressy look and the other has a more casual one. Great idea!

  3. Good Selection but you might want to try or check out Jack Spade men’s wallets. They even have a store on in Venice Beach CA Abbot Kinney

  4. I too believe in splurging on something you love. Which is why I bought a clutch recently. Because I love my butt, and don’t need an extra bulge back there. Plus it fits my iPhone too! And it’s Ostrich Leather. Yumm 🙂

  5. First and only time I’ve ever spent over $100 on a wallet was a Jack Spade many years ago at Fred Segal. My vote is for the black/blue Ferragamo or the Gucci one.

  6. If it was I buying a new wallet I would choose the Smythson for $185. Black goes with everything and I agree simple is best. I would like to know what you decide please. Thanks. Here’s an idea you could do like the bikers do and get a chained wallet.

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