Too Cool For Azul

Dear Frida Kahlo,

This week Emily and I were discussing blue and I naturally thought of your amazing homestead, La Casa Azul. La Casa Azul is the house you were raised in that is now a museum dedicated to your life and your hilarious and lighthearted paintings. Thinking about your blue casa made me start thinking about other blue casas, so then I went on the interwebs and LOOK what I found!:

La Casa Azul (Frida Kahlo Museum):

Other gorgeous blue houses:

I like the bright color of this one:

I’m pretty sure the makeup artist from Blue Man Group lives here:

I love this one. Wouldn’t mind having it as a weekend house:

I love a good craftsman house, and I love it even more when it looks like a smurf:

A secret fantasy of mine is to live in a cabin that looks like it could implode at any moment, especially if it has a bright blue wall:

I like this whacky house, and its whacky color:

Someday, I’ll have a blue house. And a meaningful committed relationship. Someday.


One thought on “Too Cool For Azul

  1. Hmmm… not sure if Kahlo’s paintings are hilarious or lighthearted. In fact, I find them quite the opposite.

    I love your website, I recently found it through a blog 🙂

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