Whut Glamour: Neo80z Crop Shirts

Dear Gay Calvin Klein,

The current 90 degree weather in Los Angeles has me thinking about spring fashion so I decided to go online and check out what have you in store for the next few months. The most exciting and ridiculous part of your collection is the 80s inspired cropped off shirts. Since my childhood, I have had a secret obsession with crop tops. When I was little, they were all the rage. The fact that they’ve just been revived is the most exciting thing that has ever happened in my whole entire life. They’re not quite as casual/sporty as the ones I remember from my youth, but they do have the same sense of playfulness. I highly doubt dudes are going to start wearing these all over town, but I wouldn’t mind it if they did. Just as long as they look like these Ken dolls:

View whole Calvin Klein Spring 2011 collection here.


PS: These are more like the 80s crop tops I remember: