Black History Month with Angela Belt

Dear Black History Diary,

I was thankful when Angela Belt, Homepolish designer extraordinaire, stylist, and blogger asked me to share my thoughts about Black History Month and what contributions by Black artists and designers meant to me. Part of me felt awkward¬†making broad statements about the contributions of African Americans to art and design. But Black History Month is for everyone, and should be about celebrating the creativity, contributions, and sacrifices Black Americans have made to make our country what it is today. It is a time to express gratitude. I am such a fan of what Angela is doing with her site, most notably her series 28 Black Tastemakers, which highlights Black trendsetters in art and design. We need more voices like hers in the design world and particularly in the blogging world. If I see one more white blogger girl laughing whilst walking down the street holding a bunch of polka dot balloons I’m rip my own arms off and throw them out the window. So yeah, check out my interview here!


Full Interview This Way >>>

Photograph: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish

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  1. Thanks Orlando for your candor. Really enjoyed your interview and encouragement to make Black life and creativity a standard part of the design conversation.

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