The Spine-Tingling Ghost Necessary for Every Halloween Home


Dear People Who Are Huge Nerds About Halloween Like I Am,

Last year, my mother made me a little handmade ghost and sent it to me in the mail. I have no idea what inspired her to make this, but I was immediately obsessed with it and stole the idea this year and made my own. I’ve tried to elevate my Halloween decor this year but there’s always room for a bit of frivolity so I love how this stupid ghost makes me feel every time I see him. It’s like, “Hi, I want my house to look nice but also life is about fun so here’s this ghost I hang out with every day.” Also, this was a super simple project that took less than ten minutes. So if you’re the type that loves the idea of DIY but hates actually doing it yourself, you should drop everything you’re doing and make this right now.

What you’ll need: 4″ Styrofoam Ball, Bamboo Skewers, A Pair of Decent Scissors, Black Construction Paper, School Glue, Thin Gauge Floral Wire, Cheese Cloth.


1. Use the skewer to bore a hole in the styrofoam ball. You can also use any long, skinny tool to do this, just make sure it’s not too thick or the wire won’t hold.

2. Bend the end of your wire to a point (this helps the sharp end of it from not getting caught inside the styrofoam ball) and thread through the ball.

3. Create a “U” shape with the wire and insert the loose end into the ball. The more wire you insert, the stronger your ghost will be.


There you have it! Ghosty is done! Jk, this is just his skeleton. This is what the topside should look like. Alternatively, you can use fishing wire to make your ghost look more like he’s floating, but I chose wire because it’s a little easier to control the direction the ghost faces.


Cut your cheese cloth to size. I cut mine about 24″ x 24.” Sidenote: I got these scissors from Michael’s a few years ago and they’re still sharp and good. I hate nothing more than dull scissors, so if you’re in the market I’d def recommend these. And they cost like 7 cents.


Cut out ghost eyes from black construction paper. I like the oval vintage shape shown here. It gives the ghost a surprised, “OH I DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE” look.


Drape the fabric over the styrofoam ball (threading the wire through the very middle of it). Depending on how thick your cheese cloth is, you may have to use two or more layers. I used two on my ghost. Glue the black construction paper eyes onto his face using white school glue.


To make your ghost looks as tattered and bedraggled as you feel on a daily basis, cut strips into the ends of his ghost tails and stretch them out a bit by hand. Then hang him from a SPOOKY place and wait for your guests to be TERRIFIED.


I made my ghost just in time for my pumpkin carving party on Sunday. I’m sure he’ll terrify and delight all my friends the way he terrifies me every morning when I groggily encounter him as I’m walking to the kitchen to make my coffee. Boo!



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  1. I love you, Orlando – you know that, right? Especially even more so because you wrote ‘boar a hole’. Did he make the hole with his tusk? Tsk! (Geddit?)

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