Get In My Eyeballz: Gray Malin’s ‘Dream’ Series

Photographs Courtesy Gray Malin

Cyan Sheep II

Dear Gray Malin,

You may remember yourself from the glamorous One Kings Lane home makeover we did together months ago, where we first met and became friends. I remember you from all the wonderful photos you take that are like candy for my eyeballz. Your newest body of work is an extremely fun project called The Dream Series. It’s a surreal, beautiful series featuring hypercolor sheep in the gorgeous Australian countryside, waddling around, being themselves, not caring what anyone else thinks. Don’t be scared, the dyes Gray used are totally harmless, vegetable-based pigments that wash off with water. The sheep were all “I didn’t even feel that.”

The series was inspired by a story Gray read several years ago about a Scottish sheep farmer who colored the fleece of his flock in an effort to deter thieves who had been regularly thieving his sheep at night. This practical use of color to maintain the safety of the sheep sparked the idea to use it to turn the flock into a colorful collective of multicolored fuzzballz, representing individuality and freedom. Check out the images:

Double Rainbow_

In the Field II

In the Field III

In the Field

Pink Sheep

Purple Sheep

Rainbow Sheep II

Rainbow Sheep III

Red and Green Sheep

Standing Out from the Crowd

You can check out more of the images from the series and see the adorable video about how it was made on Gray Malin’s Website.

Oh, and 20% of the proceeds of this series is going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (remember Bat Kid?) so buy up!


3 thoughts on “Get In My Eyeballz: Gray Malin’s ‘Dream’ Series

  1. Dear Orlando,

    I followed a link to you from Emily Henderson’s blog a few weeks ago and have made this a daily stop. I like yer writing and yer design, I just wanted to let you know!

    Your friend,
    Lady on the Internet

  2. So creative! I really want to buy/frame a print now… I love weird/unusual artwork.

    P.S. When I first saw the picture, my first thought was concern for the goats, but then I kept reading. Thank you for being environmentally responsible and cruelty-free. 🙂

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