Fashion Felicitations From My Father’s Closet: 70s Bird Shirt

Photographs by Sean Gin


Dear Fashion Diary,

One of the most exciting pieces of clothing I’ve taken from my father’s closet is this ridiculously awesome bird shirt my mom made for him when they were in their twenties. Shown are my parents, my father in the glamourshirt:


It’s not something that you’d wear to, like, a job interview or anywhere fancy. But every once in a while, when you want to wear something luxuriously 70z, it’s great to put on. I love that it looks like a gorgeous Japanese watercolor painting.


I remember in high school, like freshman year, all the cool kids were into 70z stuff. Like seriously bellbottoms, etcetera. And I just saw a little spread in LA Magazine¬†about how bellbottoms and 70z nonsense are coming back again. Don’t you kind of feel like everything is aways coming back all the time? Like as soon as something falls out of popularity someone is like “oh my god ironic 90z Tommy Hillfiger jeans are SO cool” and then you look at them and you’re like “wait, that is kind of cool.” Maybe fashion is just an endless cycle of getting sick of stuff, forgetting about it, and then remembering it again and getting excited. Which basically means we’re all idiots with the brain capacity of goldfish but whatever. Anyway, all this is to say that I’m into this shirt, even though it’s so 70z.


If you’re my mother, you can make this thing by hand, otherwise, check out the similar pieces I found online:


1. Chambray Shirt, $139 from Scotch & Soda
2. Slim-Fit Emerald Chino, $115 from Scotch & Soda
3. Brogue Leather Boots, $95 from ASOS

Now go buy this stuff and dress up like me dressing up like my dad.


7 thoughts on “Fashion Felicitations From My Father’s Closet: 70s Bird Shirt

  1. Oh, I feel old now LOL I’m 40 and remember back to when I’d moved to San Francisco when I was 24 in ’97 and those 70s disco shirts were very “in”. I had some fabulous ones…my faves were the Mickey Mouse/Sorcerer’s Apprentice one I got on Haight Street and then a super loud, floral one I got at a thrift store in Fresno. The only times I’d be caught dead in polyester.

  2. Okay, I used to sew shirts for my boyfriend in the 70’s.
    Plus, my friends + I used to amuse ourselves chanting, “shiny brass can kiss my ass” — and now, look at me.
    I want brass.

  3. That shirt is totally crazy. But it looks genius with those pants and shoes. Love the pairing.

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