Homepolishing in Laurel Canyon

Photographs by Tessa Neustadt

Dear Reader,

For a long time, it’s been a dream of mine to live in Laurel Canyon. I just imagine I’d move there, Joni Mitchell would be my neighbor, she would sing to me every morning out her window, and I’d be surrounded by trees and wilderness and I could pretend I lived nowhere near a city. Do you ever notice that the longer you live in a city the more annoying it starts to feel? Like you’ll be walking down the street and you’ll be like “why are there so many people waddling in front of me?!?” (I love to walk fast so this is a particular pet peeve of mine). Or you’ll be at a sandwich shop and you’ll be like “why are there so many other people eating sandwiches!?!” I think it’s good to get out of the city every once in a while so you don’t go totally crazy. Or you can just move to a part of town that feels slightly less like a city.

One of my favorite Homepolish designers decorated this glamour cottage on a mountaintop in Laurel Canyon and I want to move into it, like, yesterday.

Most of the furnishings in this two bedroom home are vintage, sourced at flea markets and local vintage stores.

The whole place has a very casual, old-world feel. The clients are big collectors who love beautiful, unique objects. There’s a ton of character in this place because there is so much to ogle all over the place.

The place gets tons of natural light, so the designer kept the walls white and brought in color in art and objects, which as you probably know is my favorite way of bringing in color.

This rustic sofa table provides a nice contrast with the crisp, white sofa.

We made that poor dog sit outside that window for so long just to get that shot.

The dining nook provides the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your imaginary boyfriend.

A fun fact about me is that I’m terrified of crucifixes. Like when I was little I would go to my friend’s house and his parents had crucifixes everywhere but they were like SUPER GRAPHIC crucifixes with tons of blood and gore and I thought they were the scariest thing ever. At that point in my life I though Gremlins was a horror movie so seeing a bloody dead guy hanging on a piece of wood was pretty much the most terrifying thing imaginable. Anyway, that being said I love this little window moment. And I’m glad the crucifix is gold and not covered with scary realistic blood the way my friend’s were…

Don’t you just wanna get in that tub and live there? Forever? Staring out the window onto that lovely rock-filled back yard, watching baby deer chew on grass?

Note that the designer painted the door the same color as the dog and the totally cool Stussy hat.

Another non-terrifying crucifix helps this dresser-top look casually cool and collected. The whole place feels so comfortable and sophisticated, which should be the goal when designing any interior space.


PS: Want to hire the glamourdesigner that created this beautiful space? Contact Homepolish!

10 thoughts on “Homepolishing in Laurel Canyon

  1. What a peaceful feeling cool place. BUT – no hats on the bed! bad luck – didn’t anyone ever see Drugstore Cowboy?

  2. Dear Orlando,
    I love it! Yesterday I was dreaming of paining the tongue & groove wood vaulted ceiling in my living room.
    The first photo here convinced me.
    I live in the woods, far from any city. The city kindof freaks me out, actually. If I had to live in a village it would be Owego, NY. I love that place.
    Thanks for sharing this splendor!
    Amanda in Northern MN

  3. You guys in California have the most awesome quirky houses to work with… not fair! 🙂
    And is that a tiny desk (almost) inside the fireplace? Love it.

  4. This makes me feel like less of a weirdo for having a wall full of crucifixes surrounding an old Spanish tin of the last supper above my dining room table.

  5. I love it all except that Bison head (blech) and that odd looking painting of a girl above the gold chair. What IS she doing? I have watched WAY too much CSI obviously for where my mind is going with that one. How gorgeous is that tub though? Everything else is just lovely and casual and doesn’t look ‘designed’ which I think is the highest compliment.

  6. Yes I’m always at cafés thinking why aren’t all these people at work…..sheesh! Love this home but that buffola head taxidermy is so not my idea of decor….give me crucifixes any day!

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