10 thoughts on “Whut Glamour: New Branding, New Business Cards

  1. But–but–we’re interested in everything that you have to say! Oh, well! Four blogs for the price of one!

    And the fresh design should be a model for all websites–

  2. This reminds me of the scene from the movie American Psycho. You do like your business cards.

  3. Hi. It looks great.

    However, I think the font size for the body font should be bumped up a point or two. At the current size, the amount of text per line in each paragraph is too long.

    Don’t get me wrong…it is very nice, but at a larger size (with less words per line) it will be much easier to read.

    Here is more information so you know this isn’t just some nuts opinion 🙂


  4. So lovely! That’s crazy similar to the business cards I’m having redone for my own business rebrand, although my actual rebranding was back in February, haha. (Cards this swanky are expensive for a tiny business that isn’t design focused!) I’m also getting two-sided letterpress, and I’m hoping to budget for a studio that can paint the edges the same deep red as my logo. It’s so sexy with that thicker paper! My actual design is a little different and less minimalist than yours, but I’m obsessed with my own beloved font family (Franklin Gothic). Don’t ever apologize for talking typeface to us, haha. We love hearing about ALL your design passions!

  5. ok, this is going to sound dumb….but I love the way the “K” looks in Hommemaker!! Also the pointy “M”!
    See, you aren’t the only person who looks at this stuff! They look good!

  6. I love your blog, Instagram photos, design work, insightfulness & sense of humor!
    A couple of comments and questions: Before you restyled your blog, you had a portfolio section with photos of your interior design work. Will you have your portfolio as part of your blog again–or is it still here somewhere and I’m missing it? Also, unless I’m doing something wrong, if I’m on another section of your blog, such as a post under “art” or “décor” or a post in your archives, I’m unable to get back to your main homepage by clicking on the “Hommemaker” heading; rather, I have to use my page back arrows–just an FYI.
    Thanks so much! Your blog and photos are a daily must.

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