Whut Glamour: HRC Benefit Sale & Auction

Dear HRC,

Thanks for hosting that glamorous auction/sale at LDC Home the other night. It was an honor to have my paintings shown alongside all the beautiful works selected for the exhibition. The night was filled with snobby designers, gay hotties, and a luxurious supply of appetizers and cocktails. Here are some of the things I saw:

This installation of great antique pieces by Adam Straus served as the entry to the event.

Who doesn’t love horse art?

This collection of small drawings was by far my favorite piece in the show. I found out later it was done by my friend Johnny. I think I’m going to buy one or two of these. They are filled with so much love, tenderness, and humor (kind of like me).

This photo/chandelier moment was too ridiculous to pass up.

I liked this artist a lot, but most of his work was too NSFW to post on this site, which I like to imagine is being read as bedtime stories to little tykes everywhere.



And here are a few of my contributions (I forgot to get installation pics).

It was a glamourous night, filled with some of my favorite people in Los Angeles. The evening raised thousands for HRC and served as a great get together for the LA design community. Fun.



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