Worktimez: The Site Measure.

Dear Homme & Garden TV Viewers,

Ever wonder how Emily magically comes up with the two styles on Secrets From A Stylist? Well, here’s a secret, she thinks about it for months before coming up with the styles she announces on air (i.e. “Mad Men Bohemian” or “Industrial Kitsch Loft”). While she does think of the style names on-air, she often has a good sense of the homeowners’ tastes in her head beforehand. Months before each episode tapes, we do site visits with couples to meet them and figure out exactly what kind of makeover they want. We also measure their house so we can figure out what size drapery to buy and what furniture will fit, etc. Usually these meetings last an hour or so. During these meetings, Emily talks up the family while I run around frantically taking measurements of anything and everything (some floor plans are ridiculously complex and, hey, I’m not an architect!). These meetings are a nice time to get to know the makeover families without all the lights and cameras that make everything just a little bit more awkward. Here are some pictures of me working hard, and hardly working (all photos courtesy of Louis DeBarraicua):


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  1. That’s my neighbor’s house! Louis and his family are great. He and his wife are also teachers and he teaches at the middle school that feeds into the high school where I teach. I can’t wait to see them on the show!

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