What Do YOU Do?

Dear Diary,

As purpose of this blog is to inform people about hommemaking, I decided it was important for me to explore one of the less obvious aspects of keeping a home which is one’s professional life. After all, one literally cannot keep a home unless they have a job to pay for it, unless they have bags and bags and bags of gold coins (like Sofia Coppola, for example). For the rest of us who have to toil and sweat and, like, actually work for a living, jobs can be a meaningful and important addition to our wonderful homelives. Thus, I have decided to start interviewing people about their jobs. I am lucky to have a great collection of friends with a huge variety of jobs, from forest rangers to film producers. Each week, I’ll ask one person five questions about their job. I hope it is informative, or, at the very least, that it provides content to my blog which attracts viewers and thus allows me to make tons of money by doing little work. For my first “What Do YOU Do?” column, I will be interviewing myself. Mainly because I just thought of this concept, but also because I thought I should test out my questions on myself before asking them of anyone else, to avoid asking things that are totally inane.



… And now, here it goes:

What Do YOU Do?

1. What is your job title?

Design Assistant on HGTV’s “Secrets From A Stylist,” starring America’s Sweetheart, Emily Henderson.

2. How did you get your job?

I applied online for what I thought was a set design job and it turned out to be a totally glamourous gig on a fun home makeover show starring a plucky blonde who has eclectic tastes and a fascination with fusion (style fusion that is).

3. What is the most boring part of your job?

Managing the art budget for every episode. Don’t hate me producers, but chasing down receipts and adding them up and trying to balance each episode is, like, totally annoying.

4. What is the most exciting part of your job?

When Emily and I finish setting up a room the night before a big makeover reveal and I can finally see exactly what she had in her head. I’m getting better at predicting her style, but for a while it was really difficult to look at the piles of furniture and accessories and try to anticipate what the final look would be. She’s totally awesome, but sometimes I’m like “what’s the deal with that weird sofa, Emily?” and I don’t get it until I see it all together.

5. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to have my own TV show that is about crafting and making stuff. Not cheesy stuff but cool stuff you’d actually want in your house. Kind of like “Ready Made” the show but more glamourous. And funnier.

3 thoughts on “What Do YOU Do?

  1. For the record, I would definitely watch your non-cheesy, funny craft show. This can be the first of the signed petitions that you can take to the TV people to prove your worth in gold.

  2. Love this new segment! Its so easy to romanticize other people’s jobs, I like hearing the good and the bad of reality. Makes my truly unglamorous job as an architect seem more bearable knowing being a neurosurgeon really isn’t that great either. Thanks, Orlando!
    PS. I’d totes watch your show.

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