My New Guest Bedroom is Finally Done!

Photograph by Zeke Ruelas

Dear Self,

I kind of freaked out when I finally saw my guest bedroom in its fully finished state. Which was insane, because I’d literately been there the whole time putting it together, sweating my face off and screaming at the ceiling. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s Orlando and today I am revealing my guest bedroom, which I intro’ed last week on the blog. But.. back to the room. It wasn’t until everything was in place that was like “HI WHAT IS THIS CAN I LIVE IN HERE?” Since I moved into Chateaulando, this room has been a catchall for the boxes of things I was too busy to unpack. I finally went through everything, got those stupid boxes out of the way, and turned this into the guest bedroom of my dreams. My favorite thing in the room is the art, which is almost entirely vintage and un-soureable (sorry!) with the exception of the Tom Killion woodblock print, which I am in love with. This art represents years of collecting and scavenging, so it carries so many memories for me. And I wasn’t sure I’d find a place to put it in my new place so I was happy to see it all come together.


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