Five Fundamentals of Christmas Tree Design

There’s a first time for everything. And the first time you decorate a Christmas tree on your own is definitely a learning experience. The thing that surprises most people is the number of ornaments you need to make the tree look full and balanced. (Hint: whatever you think you’ll need, triple it.) But there are a lot of other lessons to learn about tree trimming.

Today, I’ll be sharing my tips for creating a festive tree that looks balanced, considered, personal, and (most importantly of all) beautiful. This year, I opted for a giant, white tree from Wayfair. And don’t judge me for having a fake tree! I have a theory about them. Artificial trees should look intentionally fake. Meaning they should be some sort of stylized take on a tree shape, not trying to look like a real tree. My one caveat here is if you have allergies or some other reason barring you from having a real tree in your house, by all means go fake (just make sure it looks as real as possible).

Okay, onto my tips for creating the perfect tree, real or artificial!

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