Orlando’s Obsession: Vintage Interview Magazines

tumblr_m069widkYn1qaza14o1_500Dear Andy Warhol,

I have been obsessed with you since I read your Diaries when I was 14. I started reading your Interview Magazine around the same time. This magazine epitomized (and still does) everything glamorous about living in New York: fashion, music, art, and the bohemian lifestyle of the city’s creative community.


I still subscribe to Interview after all theses years (yes, I still read magazines made out of paper) and receiving it always makes me happy. While the new issues of Interview are always great, I’ve developed a passion for the vintage ones. This passion began a few years ago when I was at a weird antique store with my mom in Wine Country and I came across this beautiful issue featuring Sylvester Stallone on the cover:


I’ve decided that vintage issues of Interview are THE coffee table accessory of 2013. Many of these vintage covers feature the amazing illustrative work of Richard Bernstein, a genius who arguably created the bright, poppy, graphic illustration style that defined the 80s. You can find vintage back issues of Interview on EBay and Etsy. I must insist you go online and find one for yourself immediately. I promise it will improve your life by at least 19%. Just check out these gorgeous covers:

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 11.19.28 AM






23_Andy Warhol_Interview_Brooke Shields



















My most recent acquisition is this amazing issue featuring Isabella Rossellini, another one of my obsessions. I was reading it this morning, snuggled in bed:


But something so beautiful shouldn’t be hidden in the bedroom, so I brought it out to display in the living room.


I love how stunning it looks on my ottoman/coffee table. Staring at it makes me happy. Go out and find yourself an old Interview. Right now. They are filled with awesome vintage advertisements, great celebrity interviews, and beautiful photographs and illustrations. Happy Hunting!


9 thoughts on “Orlando’s Obsession: Vintage Interview Magazines

  1. They are nice! Back when I was serving time as a journalist I bought a few back issues for research. Could never bear to throw them out, so I still have them. They take up a whole file drawer, as they have to be laid down–too big to file regularly!

  2. OMG. I recognize just about everyone, but who is under Cindy Lauper in the December issue? Is that Jake Ryan, I mean Michael Schoeffling? If so, that’s a must have. Checking ebay and etsy now. Brilliant post, thanks for sharing these gems! (fingers crossed, please be Jake Ryan!)

  3. So I’m a little late to the Orlando party, but now that I’m here I’m never leaving. Also, you should write a book where you tell me everything about being a kid in Yosemite and your life in New York, because I can’t get enough. Finally, if you’re looking for a new best friend in San Francisco, I’m more than willing to be that person. Especially if you’ll help me recover my ugly beige headboard in pink velvet.

  4. I’m arriving at the Orlando party fashionably late, but now that I’m here I’m never leaving. FYI. Also, you need to write a book about being a kid in Yosemite and your fabulous life in general because you’re hilarious and I’d read it and give it to all my friends and family for Christmas. Even my Dad. Finally, if you’re looking for a new best friend in San Francisco then I’m totally your girl. We could pal around at Monument and tell each other how pretty we are and you’d help me recover my ugly beige headboard in pink velvet. Or whatever. You can choose! Anyway, in non-stalker news, I love your blog.

  5. omg, how can these things that look so…long ago, actually be from my college years? sigh. ):

  6. Isn’t Interview devine?
    Eons ago I actually had a subscription.
    When. Warhol. Was. Alive.
    (Side note age disclaimer: I was very young and very much into pop culture.)
    I don’t even wanna know, possibly in a closet at the parents, where they are today…
    Good memories. Good memories.

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