Gore Vidal: 1925 – 2012

Dear Gore Vidal,

Few writers have touched my life the way you did. Your stories have enriched my life, haunted my memories, and were the lens through which I viewed my twenties. In 2003, my sister gave me a copy of your novel, The City and the Pillar, which is not only one of the very first novels to openly discuss complex gay characters, but is also the most heartwrenching work of fiction I have ever read. Equally captivating are your memoirs, Palimpsest and Point to Point Navigation. Through sharing your fascinating life story, you also shared your humanity. Your work is a reminder to be thoughtful about life, to appreciate the riches that lie within the people around us, and to find pleasure in our complicated relationships.

Below are some images of you throughout your life. From your writing career to your time in Hollywood to your political aspirations, you lived a fascinating life. Luckily, in addition to your incredible body of work you left behind a beautiful collection of photographs for us to remember you by. Enjoy.

Thank you for your work. It has truly changed my life.


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  1. I do not know Gore Vidal but now I will learn more and likely read his book. Orlando this was touching. I am sorry you lost a mentor. I glad he touched you and through you … me. Be well.

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