Things In Palm Springs

Dear Gays,
Remember that one weekend you all decided to go to Palm Springs at the same time? Yes, I do too. It was last weekend. Apparently there is some sort of antiquated gay party out there (“White Party”?) where everyone dresses in white gogo pants and dances on bleachers whilst being sprayed with toxic foam. Or at least I think that’s what happens. Anyway, I went out to the desert because I wanted a nice break from my crazy life (which has been cuckoo puffs lately, hence the ¬†sparse posting¬†on here). Some of my friends rented a house that looked like this:

I love how bright and flat the light is in Palm Springs. I also love how every house in Palm Springs comes with free gays in white hats. Yay!

Aqua, my favorite color in the world, feels right at home in Palm Springs.

I actually like this wallpaper in real life, even though it looks like a seeing eye picture here. Remember those? Those stupid messy splatter paintings that were supposed to make 3D images if you stared hard enough. But I could never see the stupid hidden image. And it filled me with rage when everyone else talked about how they could see a seal with a ball on its nose inside all that mess. I hate those things.

I love this little low-slung shelf. It reminds me a bit of a shelf I designed a while ago, but far more practical.

I used to think I hated frosted glass. But then I saw this and I realized I was wrong. Which caused me to wonder how many other things I have been wrong about in my life. Which filled me with fear and worry. And now I hate myself.

So that’s a few things I saw in glamourous Palm Springs. I hope you liked them as much as I did (except those rugs. Disgusting, right?).


11 thoughts on “Things In Palm Springs

  1. Not only is are the rugs bad, but the bad placement and sizing are all I can look at in those photos. Did you leave one of your business cards behind?

  2. I am new to your blog and am really enjoying it. I do interior landscape and fell in love with your images, this one re: Palm Springs was fun.

  3. I’m not normally a “commenter,” but considering your last 5 posts have made me laugh aloud to myself, I thought you deserved one. You’re hilarious. Thanks for a refreshing start to my morning!

  4. I totally remember those seeing eye pictures (or whatever they were called). Something made me think of those recently and nobody around me would have known what I was talking about, so I didn’t have anyone to commiserate with. Thanks for commiserating!

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