I Am A Teenage Girl From Japan Who Likes Weird Things

Dear Diary,

Like many teenage girls in Japan, I love all things graphic, bright, and cartoony. Yesterday, I went on a crazy shopping spree at Target and was reminded how much I like cartoon-inspired objects. In particular, I was struck by a mug in the shape of a whale (which happened to be in my favorite color aqua). It titillated me because I find it both revolting and completely necessary. At first I thought it was too cheesy and disgusting to buy, but then I thought to myself that if I saw it at Cerealart, I’d totally want it. This mug cost me $3.99 and it was worth every penny. I liked it so much I bought one for myself and one for a new friend (who threw it in the garbage as soon as I left her apartment. Probably). Can you imagine not being filled with joy whilst drinking from this ridiculous mug?

Target has some other weird/cute stuff right now, including this cookie jar. That mama elephant looks like she’s about to eat her baby.

This candy jar terrifies me. Thus, I want it.

I’m a fan of Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara, which probably explains why I like these weird, subversive cartoony objects so much. In fact, I have both these Nara pieces in my apartment:

Cute Clock.

Cute puppy in a teacup.

If you aren’t familiar with Cerealart, you should check them out. They sell all sorts of glamourous artist editions and a ton of fun objects (including those below) made by artists whose actual work is too expensive for, like, anyone to afford.

I like this adorable brass tooth by David Shrigley.

Also, I need this sign by Maurizio Cattelan:

Keith Haring coasters. Gimme.

If I smoked I’d totally want this ashtray by Yoshitomo Nara.

I guess the moral of the story is that I love weird cartoony objects. And so should you.


8 thoughts on “I Am A Teenage Girl From Japan Who Likes Weird Things

  1. The open mouthed whale candy jar stopped me in my tracks at Target a couple of weeks ago. It’s so weird. So amusing. So must be in my life.

  2. I love David Shrigley so so much. I carry one of his books around with me at all times, but his items are always one million dollars (each).

  3. Your new mug is my favorite thing in this post. Adorbs. I mean, maybe if the brass tooth wasn’t $1200 it be my fave. Alas, it is $1200 and your mug is $3.99.

  4. Could you please tell me the maker of the whale mug? Target no longer sells it and i am hoping i can buy it from whoever distributes them. I cant seem to buy one from ANYWHERE. Its for my best friend. Thank you!

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