Hot Couture: Aprontimez!

Dear Dsquared² Twins,

In college, I had to wear an apron in painting class in order to protect my obnoxiously overpriced clothing (this was before I graduated and became a hobo). Thus, I cannot tell you how absolutely pleased I was to see that your new collection includes tons of aprons layered into totally crazy outfits (sidenote: what’s going on with layers? It seems like every collection is all about 45 layers for each look. That’s fine in cold places but in LA we can only stand to put on two layers max, and that’s on a cold day). The fun thing about the apron is that it gives another layer of texture/color and can act a little bit like a skirt, which Marc Jacobs has been trying unsuccessfully to incorporate into male fashion for years. In some of these images you can barely see the apron but just knowing it’s there inspires me to go back to college and make a painting. Gorgeous.

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