Five Haute Things: Headphones!

Dear Music Loverz,

You know what’s cooler than being an actual cool person? Looking like one because you are wearing totally fun headphones! I have always had a thing for humans who wear unnecessarily large headphones, especially ones in kookie colors. I don’t really understand how people wear these bulky headphones while working out (I mean, they’re pretty much earmuffs, don’t they get hot?). The following are the five headphones I’d buy if I was forced to run out and get some right now. Enjoy!

Banjo by WeSC

I like how basic and streamlined these are. I’d definitely wear these with a purple Justin Bieber style baseball cap and some heavily styled swoop bangs. Holler!

Form 2 by Bang Olufsen

If I were a Robot Businessman from The Future, I’d wear these.

Panasonic AV Room Headphones

These are a classic, what’s not to love?

Urbanears by Urban Outfitters

Anyone who knows me knows I have a huge man-crush on aqua. I kinda want to bite these.

Maraca by WeSC

I’d like to wear these with some skinny jeans and a too-big tank top whilst skateboarding. If only I knew how to skateboard…

So, in conclusion, please, don’t stop the music.


PS: I have no idea how any of these sound. They could sound totally awful and tinny and gross. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is that they look cool. Duh.