I Hurt for a Yurt

Dear Diary,

I just got back from Big Bear and next week’s Secrets makeover is lodge-inspired, so I have the great outdoors on my mind. Naturally, this reminded me of my lifelong obsession with yurts and how I secretly want to flee the city and live in the middle of the woods all by myself, screaming obscenities and anyone who accidentally wanders onto my property and cooking canned beans over a fire pit. I love how much natural light these adorable structures let in during the daytime and how warm and cozy they seem at night (editor’s note: I have never been in a yurt. Sorry!). Here are some lovely images I found of yurts. Please let them inspire you to become an insane recluse like I plan to be. YAY!

And here’s a few from the glamourous Jill Roozenboom (Secrets Consulting Producer):

Love Always,