Achieving Perfect Holiday Shelf Styling

Shelf styling is something clients ask me about all the time. Mainly because it can be intimidating and confusing to people who don’t spend their lives doing it professionally. But the thing is, quality styling is much more a result of experimenting and exploring options than knowing exactly what you’re doing. Whenever I put together shelves, I basically just keep playing around, moving objects and experimenting with new compositions, until I am happy and satisfied with the look of the shelfie. (Of course, if you’re still intimidated, you can always hire a Homepolish designer to play around FOR you. WINK!).

Shelves tend to un-style themselves over time and need a refresh every once in a while. This happens because people pick things up and look at them and put them back in the wrong place, because they don’t pay attention to detail like you do, because you’re perfect. Holiday styling, in particular, gives you a chance to make sure your shelf styling is still tip-top and give it some festive flair at the same time. (Without resorting to an elf-on-the-shelf, which I’m convinced are simply ways to terrorize children.) While experimenting and play are key to creating the best shelfscapes, there are some rules and tips that will help you achieve the perfect composition for your space. Follow along as I reveal the most important secrets I’ve learned over the years!

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