Why I’m So Obsessed With The Blake Wright

Dear The Blake Wright,

Sometimes, I have days where I don’t know what I’m doing. When I’m doing like 17 jobs at once. I run from pretending to do one task to pretending to another. And then I go sit at a coffee shop and wonder why neither of the tasks I was supposed to do got done. And then I look at Facebook and my life feels meaningful. But then I realize my life is not meaningful specifically because I am looking at Facebook. And then I daydream about what Gay movie I want to watch later. The latest one I watched was called Mulligans. It was about some Gay dad who falls in love with his Gay son’s Gay best friend and everyone is like “Oh, mygod.” It’s, like, literally the best movie I have ever seen. Wait, what am I talking about? Oh, how my life is so confusing and how I get distracted all the time because of the internet and Gay movies. So anyway, sometimes getting distracted by the 700 things I’m supposed to do on a daily basis (pluck eyebrows, apply fake tanner, LOL, eat something, ROFL, etc) makes me depressed. Which is always when I turn to your site to ogle your drawings and remember why I enjoy living. So, if you are sitting there, wondering what to do with your day, or better yet with the rest of your life, just stare at these drawings. Forever. Until you die. Just kidding you’ll never die. I promise.

assets_theblakewright beadmeup_theblakewright bloodsweattears_theblakewright BLUE bored1 DRUNKGIRLSGAYMEN_theblakewright

FUZZIE GANTIESJPEG gay-hell HEATHER heel_theofficeofangelascott_theblakewright hoarding_theofficeofangelascott_theblakewright






price_theofficeofangelascott_theblakewright quicksand3 RAYBIES_theblakewright









You can see more of these magical drawings at The Blake Wright’s blog. But beware. It’s totally NSFW. So don’t be like holding your babytoddler in your lap when you look at it because  you’ll have like tons of explaining to do. I promise.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m So Obsessed With The Blake Wright

  1. “Wondering what to do with your day, or better yet with the rest of your life”?
    You must be younger than me. Gays from my generation know that at 5pm it’s happy hour and drinks time, and when we’re old we have houseboys 😉

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