Shhhh! ‘Secrets’ is Airing Soon!

Dear Emily,

My new favorite thing is shushing people. Mainly because I think it’s so rude that it becomes ridiculous and thus hilarious. Like who thinks it’s ever appropriate to shush another person? Weirdos. Anyway, I’ll be doing some legitimate shushing on February 26th at 9 PM when “Secrets From A Stylist” airs on HGTV. It’s weird to work on a TV show like this because it’s so intense, involved, and client-based that sometimes it’s easy to forget we are actually making a television show that people will watch (please?). I’m sure you’re all imagining that Emily shows up and plays around with pillows and then goes and gets mani-pedis. So not true. The woman works ALL the time. I know this because, ahem, so do I (it’s my philosophy that a good assistant works more than his boss, but Emily is hard to keep up with). The reason we work so well together is that we’re both obsessed with what we do and we both totally love it. Which means we hope you will love it too. I’m super proud of the makeovers Emily has designed for our clients. She’s got an incredibly fresh and inspiring wit about her and it comes through in her design work. It’s fun to work with someone you admire so much. Mainly because it means the show is going to be super popular and everyone is going to love Emily, and via Reaganomic trickledown, me! Rad.



PS: Remember… February 26 – 9 PM. HGTV. Angelenos stay tuned for premier party info…

SFAS 9 PM February 26