Whut Glamour: Colour Stripes!

Dear Installation Artist Jim Lambie,

I have always loved your graphic stripe installations and have had them on my mind recently. On Secrets, we’re doing a few family rooms and are looking for exciting ways to incorporate colour, so naturally I thought of your wonderful striped floors. I highly doubt we would ever get to do something like this in one of our makeover houses (it might be a little too crazeballz for most peoples’ taste) but someday when I buy my own house (read: in like 20 years when the market has completely collapsed and I’ve saved up enough pennies to afford one), I’d like to have a pretty striped floor like this somewhere. I was under the impression that I was the first person in the world to think of installing these stripes in a residence, but a quick search on the internet shows that there are numerous (and beautiful) examples of colourstripes in homes. Here are some images of your work, Jim Lambie:

And a few (delightful) residential applications:

Totally into it.


PS: I don’t normally spell “colours” like that but am doing so in honour of your Scottishness and out of a secret desire to sound wealthy. Sorry.